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  • Teresa Pennington

Should B2B Companies Invest in Holiday Campaigns? Understanding the Nuances.

The holiday season is synonymous with special offers, promotional deals, and joyous campaigns. While direct-to-consumer brands have been using these tactics for years, a frequently asked question in the world of small business marketing is: Should B2B companies also jump on the holiday campaign bandwagon?

B2B vs. Direct-to-Consumer Brands: The Differences in Holiday Campaigns

  1. Audience Dynamics: Consumer brands generally have a more extensive and diverse audience pool during the holiday season, with people hunting for personal and gift purchases. On the other hand, B2B marketing targets a more niche audience, primarily other businesses who may not always prioritize purchasing during the holidays.

  2. Purchase Cycle: Direct-to-consumer brands often benefit from impulsive buying decisions, spurred by festive discounts or offers. B2B companies usually face longer sales cycles, requiring more extended nurturing and engagement. Plus, their purchasing windows may not be during the holiday season.

  3. Emotional Appeal: Consumer brands can easily play on the emotional strings attached to holidays. For B2B companies, weaving emotions into campaigns requires a more strategic approach, focusing on values, partnership, and long-term growth.

Do Holiday Campaigns Feel Genuine for B2B Companies?

It's all about execution. If a B2B company is genuinely wishing its clients prosperity, growth, or gratitude during the holiday season, it can resonate well. However, businesses should steer clear of using the holidays solely as a sales gimmick. Trust, especially in the B2B sector, is hard-earned and can be easily lost.

Tips for a Successful B2B Holiday Campaign

  1. Tailored Messaging: B2B audiences are looking for value. Whether it's through email marketing or other channels, ensure your holiday messages provide actionable insights or value to your clients.

  2. Build Genuine Relationships: Holidays are an excellent time to strengthen relationships. A simple gesture like sending a handwritten note of gratitude can go a long way.

  3. Educational Content: Utilize the holiday downtime by providing educational content, webinars, or workshops. It helps position your brand as a thought leader.

  4. Leverage Data and Segmentation: Not all clients celebrate the same holidays. Use data to understand and segment your audience, ensuring your holiday marketing is culturally relevant.

  5. Personalize: B2B is still a human interaction. Personalizing messages, content, or experiences can significantly enhance engagement rates.

  6. Consider No Campaign: If your industry or clients are occupied during the holiday season, or a campaign isn't a fit for your sales cycle, don't force it.


In the realm of holiday campaigns, B2B companies might operate differently from direct-to-consumer brands, but the potential benefits cannot be ignored. With strategic planning, genuine intent, and by providing real value, B2B companies can indeed make the most out of holiday marketing efforts. Remember, it's not about being festive but about fostering genuine connections and growth.

If your organization needs help crafting seasonal or evergreen campaigns, a B2B marketing agency like PresiCo can help. Simply contact PresiCo for an exploratory conversation.



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